Why does Infinite Flight Auto-shutdown every time I get close to landing after a 12 hour flight?

So every time I try to land or descent after a 12 hour flight, Infinite Flight auto-dissconects me from the app, it just blacks out and goes to the home screen. And I have a good amount of memory. I really need to know because every time I attempt a 10-12 hr flight and descent at landing It crashes and ruins my hard work. And no I do not have a screen time limit like other users have posted before.

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Hey there!

For us to be able to assist you better, could you please provide more details about your device - what’s the manufacturer, model and operating system of your device?

Android iPad with 27.4/32 gb used. Infinite Flight Multiplayer KSFO-RKSI, Boeing 777-300ER Korean Air 024 Heavy cruising altitude 38,000ft descent is VS=3,000. Total Flight time is 10:07, I leave it on AFK for about 8 hours in total.

Uhm… May I ask how this is possible?

Are you using an Apple device, or is the manufacturer Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.?

That’s impossible.

Please supply the following information:

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Sorry it’s Apple

ipad 6 from apple

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Unfortunately, the 6th Gen iPad is not really a suitable device for Infinite Flight any longer - it doesn’t have enough memory (RAM) to run Infinite Flight reliably. Your device has 2GB of memory, whereas the Minimum device requirements recommend having 3GB or more.

Keep in mind that what you’re giving us here is not your memory, but your storage - and in this case, it doesn’t have much relevance to your issue.

You could try running Infinite Flight with the absolute lowest graphics settings, FPS set to 30, and the airplane count set to Low. However, considering the amount of RAM your device has, I doubt it will be much help and you’ll likely experience app crashes nonetheless. As the simulator is developed and new features are added, the minimum device requirements inevitably rise. The best thing you could do is to purchase a newer & more capable device to ensure a smooth flight experience.


You could try what’s described in this part of the User Guide, but @AviatorAlex is absolutely right.

Ok, Thank You!