Why does IF use so much storage?

I couldn’t really find anything about this but does anyone know why IF is taking about 10GB of storage on my device. I am currently using the latest version on an iPhone XR. Should I reinstall the app because it used to use about 1GB on the same phone. Also does anyone know if the replays are stored directly on the device storage is is it in some type of cloud. I usually do like long haul flights (3-8 hours) and I fly the globe. Could this be part of the reason why it uses so much storage.

IF is a very demanding game and uses a lot of different things to make it as realistic as possible.


You’ve got storage of aircraft, scenery, and REPLAYS as well. I’ve started to become diligent about deleting old replays, as they begin to add up in regards to storage.


To save as much juice as possible on devices, uninstall or delete apps that you don’t use that much and every once in a while clear the memory so there’s a bit more RAM space.


So your saying that the scenery is stored on the device when you fly over that area

No it must be all the replays of your long haul flight (the longer the bigger-sized file it is). So to save space at one point you’re gonna have to delete some of those replay files.

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Ok. Thank you. I deleted the replays on the flights i didn’t really care about and I just saved 4GB so far.


Try clearing your scenery cache as well. It’s at the bottom of general settings.

What does that do to the scenery. I’ve always seen that and I never knew what that was

IF stores scenery you fly over it, so it doesn’t have to stream it again later. If you’ve done a lot of flying, that can be pretty big. Clearing the cache resets that.

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