Why does IF not work when outside

I try to play outside and it quits but when inside it doesn’t work, why won’t it work?

Im on let and wifi

Can you elaborate on your issue? I’m a tad confused.


What do you mean by inside? Inside your home or inside any other place?

Even when you’re on LTE when your outside it tries to connect to the WiFi.
Which would cause problems.

Inside my home

I suggest disabling your WiFi and work only with LTE

It is obvious your WiFi won’t work as good as inside your home

What exactly is it doing? Not connecting or is it crashing or something?

It crashes when I try to play outside but when I’m inside it works fine.

Can you spawn before it crashes? Or does it crash othe start screen?

Yea. But like at cruising it crashes

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Oh, that’s odd. Honestly, I’m not too sure then. Sorry! 😀good luck

When you go outside turn off the WiFi and keep the LTE going.

Alright thank you!

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No problem @PilotChrisSG

Maybe the connection?

Welcome to the community @Chelsey_Sullenberger !

It’s been 23 days since last activity and the problem has been solved a long time ago. We appreciate you trying to help tho!

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