Why does IF hand out multiple violations in one flight?

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I apologize if this topic is a duplicate…

okay, so now we have that sorted, I was wondering for quote a while now, why you only have 10 seconds to respond to an overspeed warning.

If you can’t correct it in time for whatever reasons (wife calls you to take out the trash, mom or dad want something, your kid is screaming, pets are messing around… whatever), why is it, that you get multiple violations?

I think you max out after 5, but why?

If you get pulled over by a cop for speeding he’s not going to give you multiple speeding tickets - he’ll give you one.

Also, sometimes in the real world, pilots ask for a fast ascend or decent which means they can go over the 250kts speed limit, if tower grants them access.

That’s beside the point…

Anyway, was just wondering.

Hope for some nice answers and see you in the skies :)

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Actually, they can’t go faster than 250kts under 10000ft in IRL (not included some special planes such as flighterjet)

That’s so true

1 day I got an overspeed even after diving upwards (yes, diving upwards) just after hearing the warning

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That is not entirely true. You can request a high speed climb for operational reasons. Heavy aircraft, the UPS 747 i flew on, for example, (no, I’m not a UPS pilot -flrw jumpseat) requested a high speed climb because of higher weight.

It’s usually heavies that request that because they need the extra speed for a high speed climb:)


I believe that is 30s in the air and 5s on the ground

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Really? I thought it was 10 or used to be ten? 🤔

I remember receiving one after 10 seconds in 20.1
Did it change between 20.1 and 20.3?

An example of >250kts below FL100. Wind was about 20kts tail, so TAS should still be well above 250.

And yes, why do we have several violations in a row? I understand that system can issue multiple violations if mistakes happen in two or more occasions (e.g. taxi overspeed before dep AND overspeed in flight), but one violation should only be regarded once after all.


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