Why does IF crash so much?

I would like to know why every single time I go back to playing IF from something else, it crashes. I don’t have this problem with any other app. Anyone?

No issues here.

But might be a good idea to know what kind of device you are using etc. ?

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Android Lollipop

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Ohhhhh. Can I answer lol?

Haha. Spare him.

IF is kind of a demanding game when it comes to memory usage (RAM, not storage). So restarting your device more often might be a thing. :)


Is there any kind of solution?

We need more information. For now, restart your device and close all other apps.

One thing, might be that.

Other than than that, buy a better tablet?


It’s most likely your device. Try restarting it as said above.

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Go to settings/Apps/Infinite Flight and click on Clear cache that should reduce the risk off an appcrach

I need to get an iPad. However I can’t convince my parents to get one even if I save up since I have only had my tablet since Christmas.


Yes in that case try and follow the other steps but iPads are best they last longer and are much more advanced although they do cost a lot so I see why people don’t get them, I feel as Apple is better in most markets, same opinion for laptops my iMac still going strong my Windows laptop though not so much

Because u can’t fly… Nailed it!

  1. You mey want to change this to support category.

  2. I also have the same problem with my iPad


Crashing is caused by demand on device CPU and memory. When you have things like anti aliasing enabled, high quality graphics settings etc, that will put greater burden on device system resources.
First I’d check and disable Anit Aliasing if it’s not already. Then restart power.

After that, if it’s still crashing take a look at another demanding setting, “Show Aircraft Count Live”. That might be a good one to start with lowering if after disabling Anti-Aliasing doesn’t seem to help much. Then start lowering graphics quality settings as needed.

Restart device power every day or two to keep things refreshed.


Thank you! BTW AA is disabled already and I play in solo.

Then go down the list making incremental adjustments until performance is acceptable.

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I highly recommend iPad Air1 or 2. I don’t have crashes with mine at all, and all my settings are maxed out.
It might lag a little in high traffic online, but not much.