Why does I F only allow 287 pax on the A330

The A330 300 has a passenger capacity of 440 pax with airlines like Cebu Pacific operating with configurations very close to the limit. I F only allows 287 pax making it unrealistic when flying airlines like Cebu Pacific on I F. I think this should be changed as it would be easy to implement and would improve realism. Other A330 carriers with more than 287 pax include: Aer Lingus offers 317 seats Sri Lankan offers 297 Egypt air offers 301 Cathay Pacific offers 317 Edit: The A330 300 also has a Maximum Landing Weight of 187t whereas I F has it as 185t.
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Pretty sure it was covered in another topic

You already asked this in another thread.

This is a topic you have already made! It was resolved earlier as well with a full explanation from the dev team.

Please stop spamming the support category. There are many other pressing issues that devs are focused on right now. Spamming this category doesn’t help that. This was addressed earlier in your own topic.

Thank you!

If you’re going to make topics like this, please provide real data to support them like Deercrusber did in your earlier topic.

I’ve made another topic due to the dismissive and unhelpful response of a previous moderator. The purpose of this community is to help improve I F.

Please provide more info such as research

Is it not enough to view the configurations of the real world operators of the A330 to use as data.


The number was brought from the aircraft manufacturer. A number we feel is good enough and a relevant source of information to use :)


Is this enough proof. Its like no one has heard of Cebu Pacific before.

Cebu Pacific is one singular airline. Not every other aircraft will be configured with the same seating arrangements…

We prefer this to Wikipedia. Just because Cebu are using a certain configuration, doesn’t mean that all has to abide to it :)


Exactly this offer a choice so that all flight can be carry loads to they would in real life on I F

You might want to refer to manufacturer data and follow how the conversation in this particular topic went. It’ll give you an idea as to why IF made this choice:



And then we have Cathay as the largest. Which should we pick?


That would not work since the weight configurations would be different. The more pax they can carry, the less cargo/fuel for example. And unfortunately we can’t separate those things based on livery at this time.

Could you not just add some extra fuel to increase weight if that’s your goal? I’m going to trust the developers methodology for how many seats to add. Personally I never change the pax weight from the normal configuration - just add enough fuel for my route

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There’s not much more to say… this is what Deer posted earlier and what Seb is referring to. Is “typical seating 3-class” not enough to convince you that what Infinite Flight did is the most correct they could’ve done?

Has anyone heard of a low cost airline before?