Why does FPLTOIF give such steep initial climb rates

Previously I have been using SimBrief and manually deciding altitude, however I was recommended to use FPLTOIF, it is useful however I have noticed that the initial climb from departure is always extremely steep, often in excess of 4,0000ft p/m to the first few waypoints.

Am I doing something wrong in the planning stage or is this to allow you the time to fly airports departure?

Thanks in advance

I never use the fpltoif climb rates. I always do my own. Here are some you can try:

0-10,000ft @ 2500fpm

10,000-28,000ft @ 2000fpm

28,000ft-Whatever cruising altitude you’re going to @ 1500fpm

Cruising altitudes above 36,000ft @ 1000fpm

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Check out this tutorial by Tyler for a great way to do your climb.

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You’re burning too much fuel with such low climb rates

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Exactly what @Bill_Jones said. When I descent, ToD calculators show me only one speed, but I descent while gradually increasing my v/s and gradually decreasing my speed. But this is done after a lot of flights, and I descent more on feeling, as I am very experienced with the A320. Just keep flying and you will be able to descent and climb by feeling at some point:)

This is roughly what I have always used. I just wondered why FLPTOIF was giving such steep climbs, I guess I will just ignore them and uses the waypoints only. Thank you.

FLTOIF Simbrief always gives me unrealistically low cruising alts. Today 18.000 ft for a 4500nm flight

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FPLtoIF is a front end to SimBrief, it doesn’t plan anything different then SimBrief.
From my experience the climb rate is ok if you chosen the right airframe and entered a feasible weight that you use then IF. If you think the climb rates are to high you can cross check with aircrafts performance charts. They can be found for many aircrafts by using your favourite search engine.
By example a generic in for a MTOW A318:


It probably giving you the initial cruise alt. If you scroll down the flight plan you might find a higher altitude.

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