Why does everyone make fun of Delta and Ryanair...etc.

Tell me people what’s wrong with them


Tell me what’s wrong with you.


Good luck finding some Delta Smooth air!


After watching this video I thought …all of the videos are mainly film above the wing or wheels…when ever I’m on a flight and we sit above the wheels its really hard…as I live in Abu Dhabi when we came back from the UK and we landed in Abu Dhabi we had a hard landing …we were on an a380 …but on other flights when we sit above the wheels they are all hard apart from klm


I’d take Delta any day over United and American.


And when we don’t sit above the wheels its fine

I don’t care about Ryanair because they don’t offer service where I live. I’d fly with Delta any day.

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It’s just people having a friendly go at others. Not all Delta flights are good. Not all are bad. Same with Ryanair, KLM, united, BA, Emirates, etc. It depends on a variety of factors including the specific pilots you have, weather, aircraft, etc etc.

Flew delta last year into KLAS, jet way was broken, stuck on the plane for an hour. On my return home flight had to stop at KDEN and jet way was broken again, stuck on the plane for little over an hour, by the time I got off the plane my other plane finished boarding and my gate was a mile away from me. Most disrespectful customer service I have had from them just simply asking if they could notify my gate and let them know where I was.

I refuse to fly Delta after that experience.

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The jetway being broken is nothing on the airline itself. That’s airport management.


Woah bud I feel some light chop coming from that comment


I suppose the rule ‘please wear your seatbelt and make sure hand luggage is stowed away properly’ defiantly applies here! And that is why I fly BA.

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Why ? Tho american is good

This is no an aircraft carrier!!! I see a memes (you seeing/they seeing)

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I’ve had worse service on American multiple times than I’ve had on Frontier, multiple times. I’ve had 10 wonderful flights on Delta in the last 4 years, with some of the best in flight experience I’ve ever had for a Legacy carrier. United isn’t all too bad but the cabins I have flown on are beyond outdated. Doesn’t help American that I’ve had the worst experience ever with US Airways thanks I large part to ftheir flight attendants.

I’m pretty sure you could find a collection of bad landings for every landing so I’m not sure how one video about some “Bad” Ryanair landings prove anything?


Also Ryanair operate 1000s of flights per day. There may have a little more because of their special approach profile, but all airlines have the rougher pilots. It’s like saying everyone in IF lands like @dush19.


Everyone should fly Niki!!jk

Ryanair is not bad for what you pay, speaking in terms of what I’ve observed.

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