Why does everyone land on 25R at LAX

Has anyone controlled or should I say tried to control at LAX on the training server, and it seems that literally EVERYONE wants to land on runway 25R. You got planes cutting in line on the ground and on the glide slope, no one wants to follow instructions. It gets frustrating

They just like it.


25R is the longest runway at KLAX, so that’s why they like it.

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I dont think length has to do with why everyone wants to land on 25R haha

It could be preference, it could be planned. ATC might clear them to land on said runway, or maybe its easier to ask people to land on said runway. There are alot of reasons why people land on a runway

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I’ve never landed 25R, always 24R or 25L. I don’t want to cause the controller more problems by adding to that congestion. It’s mainly for departures

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t get better on the Expert Server.

There’s mainly one thing shared by the majority of IF pilots: Other traffic is of no concern to them.

[Before anyone gets offended, if you’re not like that, awesome. Good on you. The word majority has a meaning. It’s not a synonym for ‘all’.]


I do control there periodically as I find it to be an interesting challenge to see if I can keep things in order. What is even more interesting is that the airport itself is so popular even on expert server when staffed with ATC. One thought is the weather is generally very calm and easier to land and takeoff for newer pilots.

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People probably take into account more gates around that 25R area but I always land on 24R ever since i went to the in and out watching the planes go over my head pretty amazing to be honest. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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