Why does everyone fly to the same airports?

I have been playing for a few months now and i wanted to hear from the fourms why everyone flies into the same airports. No one mixes it up anymore its just the same LAX, JFK, SFO, and etc


Because a lot of players playing infinite flight are from the USA makeing these airports popular in game


That’s the way it is on casual and training servers! Those are the major most airports in the world (including many others) and there isn’t a schedule for those servers!

People first started to fly to and from KJFK, KLAX, KSFO, EGLL and EHAM because they were big and located in a well known city. And now ATC is always active at these airports and people on TS like ATC

They’re just the busiest airports irl. On Expert, the controllers work on a schedule to ensure that all areas of the world are equally explored.


It’s simply traditional. Before Global existed in IF, the areas were lax, sfo, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Chicago, Sydney, etc. So there is the tradition alive on the if pilots, so they want to fly to the traditional cities.


I think people would prefer to fly to airports they’ve been to in real life.

:( But KATL is known as the busiest airport in the world yet nobody flies there. Same for ZBAA

so sad

I’m sad


Ton of people fly there actually (DLVA) ;)


People fly where there is a lot of activity. Flying to unknown airports is like flying solo so I guess that’s why more people choose busy airports they want the full experience of “multiplayer”

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i usually fly out of KDTW which you think would be busy because 1. its big and 2. it is an international airport

LAX and SFO still remain popular since IF’s dawning days. They are known for being a huge hub for various airlines. JFK for the same reasons too.

Mumbai and dubai are also 2 of the busiest but hardly see any traffic in infinite flight

If only there were more expert server users 😩

They also fly because these are hubs in the simulator

Yes but the expert ATC schedule designed so we explore all over the world. It’s fine to fly to those hubs in the simulator every once and awhile, but it is also nice to explore new places!! I usually fly from one of these “hubs” to a more “less known” airport, so I still get the exploration feel for the game as well as the multiplayer aspect of the game.

I try to span my flights all over the globe in the game, but majority of my long haul flights originate from JFK because that it is the closest big city airport to me ;)

Well KLAX and KSFO are so popular because it is only a hour flight between 2 ATC controlled airports. Anyone can really do it🙂

Same, like people don’t fly to KPHX, KATL, KEWR or even KMIA and they’re considered “major” airports of the USA.

you can follow expert atc schedule if ypu want to fly to new Destinations. those airports are more likely to stay open on training server as well, Thanks to the ATCEG group. :)