Why does everyone fly faster than me?

Hi gues! Im Russian man, I can make mistakes in writing. =( I play for a long time in your simulator, I like everything! But the question that has troubled me for a long time.Let’s assume the flight of Domodedovo (DME) then St.Petersburg (ICE). I gain altitude of 36.000ft, the speed is 0.87. (If faster - I get a warning). Also, 0.87 is about 287 knots. Up to now, everything is fine. Let’s say I saw a plane that is flying next to me. I clicked on it and saw its speed - 527 knots. How did it happen? (A320) What happened? How does he fly so fast?


That is his ground speed you are looking at. The airspeed that shows in the HUD view, is how fast you are moving through the air. Remember, the Earth is revolving below you, and the higher you are, the faster your ground speed will become.


Yeah it’s showing ground speed as @bensonb said. You are flying at a similar speed to others so don’t worry.

Have a look through here and many of our other great tutorials ;)

What is being displayed on your HUD is your Airspeed. This is the speed that you are moving through the air. What is being displayed on the map is Ground Speed. This is the speed that an aircraft travels over the ground.

For example, if a very fast fighter jet was travelling at a speed of 500 kts, and it was facing straight up, its Airspeed would be 500 kts because that is the speed that it is moving through the air. However, its Ground Speed would be 0 kts, because if you were looking at it on a flat map, it would not be moving anywhere.

Infinite Flight tells the player its speed in Airspeed because that is how fast the aircraft itself is travelling. It is important for the pilot to control their aircraft at safe speeds. The map, however, uses Ground Speed because it is important for the pilot to know how fast a plane is travelling over the ground so that they can avoid a collision.

The reason that your Airspeed is so different to your Ground Speed is that when you are at a high altitude, there are very strong winds. These winds are moving the plane by themselves, so your aircraft only has to go about half the speed it would if there were no winds. However, the planes speed + the speed of the wind carrying the plane would be how fast the plane is travelling over the ground. That is why at this altitude the ground speed would be almost two times faster!

I hope this maybe helped in some way.

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The Earth’s revolution has nothing to do with Airspeed and Ground Speed. We are talking about planes, not spacecraft. Spacecraft are affected by the Earth’s revolution (hence why they have to reach a specific orbital velocity). Planes are purely subject to the Earth’s gravity, so if the Earth spins, the plane moves with it. That is why Eastbound and Westbound flight’s take roughly the same time.


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