Why does ES have G1 pilot and still has more than 2000 hours?

Good day IFC!
While I was looking for my own flight, I stumbled upon a pilot who was G1. Appears in Expert server. But he has more than 2000 hours of flight time.I don’t know if this is a bug or what.Or maybe it has something to do with the new version’s hierarchy?

I believe this is a glitch with Infinite X. In the picture below I am grade 2 and still able to fly on the ES:

I thinks it’s to do with the changes to the grade requirements.

The pilot was probably G1 because of not having enough flight time of landings in the past few months and was upgraded when the changes were made. Infinite X must have not picked this up, for some reason and still shows them at G1. Even though they have access to the ES


Thanks mate!

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Most plausible answer!
it appears to be a glitch from Infinite X platform.
I noticed just now my XP points is not updated for example I am now 5.2 million XP and yet the flight I just departed is still showing 5.180 even I have previously landed and spawned out & spawned in with my latest 5.2 XP updated after a few flights. Seems there’s a glitch or a lag with the statistics coming from Infinite X platform since the 24.2 update

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