Why Does Emirates Not Have Small Aircraft?

Why Emirates doesn’t have small Planes? They are good for short flights


They’re too rich to get any small planes, plus larger ones can carry more people over longer distances
Max Passengers+ efficient routes/planes=profit


Small planes like A320s, 737s…etc

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A330 Emirates Sucks, are you kidding me?

Emirates probably just don’t want smaller planes + like @Nick_Catalano said It is much more efficient

Yes, but they fill it! Better to use one big plane on a route which is full rather than a half a dozen smaller ones which are half empty. I don’t think they do as short as one hour flights but certainly a couple of 2-3 hr hops are not uncommon around the gulf.

An Emirates A320 or Dash 8 would like damn cool though.

Qatar airways use a lot of A320 aircraft for short haul flights

They have even been using a special version of the A319 for DOH - LHR for a while

Yep it’s an all business confirgurated one like how British airways use one to New York

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The A380’s shortest flight is DXB - KWI and lasts one and a half hours.


Many businessmen travel between the cities (RUH DXB MCT DOH BAH DMM KWI AUH SHJ)

The morning and evening flights are pretty full as it’s the end of the day, people just attend one-day meetings in any of them! (I personally know people who have done these).

The afternoon flights are not that full but it is moderate.

Now, about the weekends, all the hubs being immigrant rich, many people leave out for the city during the weekend, so fares are high and costs are too.

Hope this helps :))

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They’re more of a long haul airline. They don’t care about regional stuff.

That’s not true as they have many short haul flights

Living in an Arabic country while traveling to an Arabic country isn’t that common, trust me (unless you include the Mecca pilgrimage). Larger planes are used for short flights like to Istanbul however.

In the case of Emirates I wonder if the aircrafts are always full as Qatar tend to use A320 family aircraft in their short routes

Fly Dubai is owned by Emirates ( or at least same holding company) so technally they do have a Narrow body B737 fleet

they can fill the large aircraft, no need to introduce smaller types. DXB is running out of takeoff slots (iirc) so perhaps it has something to do with the fact that those slots could be better used flying more profitable routes using widebodies?

Other than that, remains a mystery to me…

Perhaps they aren’t on the hunt for the smaller destinations that Qatar and Etihad might send their A320 Family aircraft on, or aren’t as interested in hyper-frequency on short routes?

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Qatar fly an A320 to GVA