Why does copa Airlines have a very similar look to United?

So I know that Copa airlines is not owned by United but why do they look so similar?


Credit: airlinegeeks.com


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Don’t forget the globe was originally Continental’s before United inherited it.

Per Copa’s Wiki:

In 1998 Continental Airlines acquired 49% of the airline, marking the beginning of a comprehensive marketing and operating alliance. On May 19, 1999, Continental increased its stake to 51%. Since then, Copa has adopted a livery and corporate logo similar to Continental’s (now United’s). Copa participated in the OnePass frequent flyer program until Continental’s merger with United Airlines. In connection with the initial public offering in December 2005, Continental reduced its stake to approximately 27.3% and through a follow-on offering in 2006, further reduced it to approximately 10%


Looks like Copa used to be majorly owned by Continental Airlines, which is why the livery is very similar.


Ok that’s good to know, I was always confused, thank you!

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