Why does China have TWO flag carriers?

Quick question, why does china have TWO flag carriers?
Wikipedia sais Air China is China’s flag carrier

But it also says China Airlines is China’s flag carrier

Um… Mind blown out of the solar system

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China Airlines is the flag carrier of Taiwan, a different country.


Air China = China
China Airlines = Taiwan

Pls read the Wiki articles even when you post them.


China Airlines is supposed to be the flag carrier of Taiwan.

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Actually, neither of those are flag carriers, I’m pretty sure.

If it is the carrier of taiwan, why does it’s name say



Because Taiwan’s secondary name is Republic of China.

Ummm… Remember I said:

Now when you say [quote=“Noroftheair, post:8, topic:71788”]
Taiwan’s secondary name is Republic of China.

Mind blown out of the universe! Why would that be really?

I think it was formerly owned by China.

Ok makes more sense so, my mind is back into “blown out of the galaxy”

Or just mind blown out of your head

MaxSez: Believe you young people need a history lesson. See Wiki “Republic of China”. Seems something is missing in our modern education system.


Well, either that or, the more likely option, he hasn’t come to the age that we actually learn this stuff.


No the US had no flag carriers…

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But either way, a lot can come from self-learning. Just browse Wikipedia a bit and you can learn quite a bit. I’m 14 and last year I went on to my state-level Geographic Bee.


Check this out. Other pages show that here at USA we don’t have a flag carrier

Air China is from China and China Airlines is from Taiwan. Taiwan is officially called Republic of China and China is officially called People’s Republic of China, both countries had a conflict in the past and other historical background.

Unlike China I remember seeing a video stating that Emirates and Etihad are flag carriers of the UAE

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Well actually the official name of Taiwan is Republic of China, the country is known as Taiwan because its located in the Taiwan Island.

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Emirates apparently is the flag carrier for Dubai, but Etihad is for all of the UAE