Why does atc close? Does it follow a schedule?

I will be taxining to a runway and ground will close. Why? Is there a schedule?

What server is this on?

If this is Expert server, we open when we can. We are expected to stay open for a certain amount of time, and after we have surpassed that time, we are allowed to close when we like. It may because we are busy, or another controller needs assistance. It’s nothing against you


People volunteer to ATC on their own time. None of the ATC gets paid.

Well said.

ATC “closing” just means that the air traffic controller has left / stopped controlling. On Training Server, the air traffic controllers are not confined to any specific schedule; they can “close” (leave the airport) whenever they choose.

Training server.

Thank you for volunteering your time ATCers. You make the sim experience awesome!

Thank you for the prompt response. Is there a way to find how much longer atc will be open once spawned?

They will give you a 5, 2, and one minute warning before they close on the Expert Server

No there isn’t. Especially on TS, where controllers can jump in and out over the course of minutes.

Even on Expert, remember that your flight is one of hundreds. No matter when we close, there’s always someone that has to be the last one. Even when I’m open for four hours, there’s always going to be someone in your position. But we don’t close because we see a specific pilot. It’s just timing.

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Yes, there is schedule… My wife’s schedule! 🤣


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