why does APPR mess up?

hey! when i am landing i try to use appr so i dont have to manually. But sometimes its messes up with altitude and direction, then i end up crashing. Any tips or ideas to help?

Manually land ;)

Jokes aside, make sure your Glideslope and Localizer are perfectly aligned before activating it.

Also here’s a lovely little tutorial for APPR


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o ok thank i will try

From what I have found, issues could be due to

  • Too high/low when enabled - This is the most common. Keep an eye on the ILS indicator even when on base and adjust your alt accordingly. Enable APPR slightly below the ILS indicator and it shouldnt make so drastic of a move. Planning ahead is key.
  • Too fast - The faster you are going the harder it is going to be to make the turns
  • Too great of an angle. If you are flying more than 180 degrees from the runway it may not make it. Try enabling it 30-60 degrees off the runway heading. Appr will take to to a 30 degree intercept and then turn final for you.

thanks so much

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