Why does APPR have such a hard landng?

Hello all! I just have a quick, curious quetion. When im flying I use APPR ( I manually land the plane by taking control at 400 feet) I used to let the APPR land and everything, and when I did that the plane absolutely smashed into the ground. Now the bigger planes such as the A350, or the B777 don’t land as hard. But aircraft like the 738 absolutely smash into the ground. How come this is?
Just a curious question not an issue or anything just wondering.

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The APPR should be used when the visibility is bad. Anyways, answering your question…

I think that the aircraft size can be a factor on those landings. More smaller planes, more chances on destroying the runway. Did you set the weight to Light? Heavy (weight) aircraft lands hard too.


Well it would depend, I never really se the weight in account for using APPR. I never set it to light, when I first started flying would just do flights from KCLT to KATL in a Delta CRJ2, and the weight was like 36 passengers and 2:15 of fuel and no cargo. But I mean, the RJ is pretty much the smallest commercial aircraft in the game.

I use it on approach and hand fly the plane once I reach minimums.

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For me, I think the reason why APPR lands hard can be due to your speed.
From what I went through, when I am too fast, once the APPR flares the plane would climb instead which would lead the APPR to pitch the nose down resulting in the hard landing.

This is what I experienced.

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I just noticed that today, I was on Expert with ATC and landed a A318 at 220 IAS and Crashed right on the runway cause I was using APPR.

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Yeah you need to be really accurate with the speed
Too slow and you may stall
Too fast and you nosedive.

Wait… Don’t you have to be under 200 to use appr

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I always disengage the AP at 1000 AGL so I can do most of the final approach, lots of fun 😁

Initially yes, but if your descending, your speed slowly increases, I had turned APPR on at 180 IAS and it went up to 220 over the tarmac.

IRL the autoland feature doesn’t butter the landings either. It’s designed to get you down in difficult conditions which it is fully capable of doing if operated correctly.
The same goes for IF :)

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