Why does American Airlines 737s not have split scimitar winglets?

Being one of the largest operators of the 737, why don’t they have them?🤔


I think it was because they don’t fly the 737 on flights long enough to benefit too much from split scimitars.


Do you know the approximate time that they actually save fuel? Because they fly them from DFW-PHL which is roughly 3 hours, and WG flies charter flights between PHL-FPO and there planes have them.🙂


DL, UA, Southwest, and AS all push their 737s to fly 5 or 6 hour flights. I could be wrong, but I’ve also heard that AA thought it would just be more cost effective to replace older planes with more 737s rather than equip all of them with split winglets.


Not many airlines have them, I don’t really think there really needed with the new 737 Max coming up, flew on Virgin last week and they didn’t have them


Aren’t the winglets/sharklets more efficient?

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The new winglets were only recently developed. Bear in mind the airline has to take the plane out of service to upgrade them, so some airlines it does not appear they are on because they have yet to refit the aircraft. As stated previously, it is not worth the time to upgrade the plane if it is going to be replaced anyways, for instance that’s why no AA MD80 has the new livery.


I believe, one, is the upfront cost of installing them, and then the time in which it takes for the winglets to pay themselves off. American is still going through a major fleet renewal program, and since the majority of the 737’s are relatively new, I think management is seeing that the money is better spent replacing MD80’s, 757’s and 767’s with A319’s, A321’s and B787’s to achieve greater fuel efficiency.


Because they l: Haven’t received 737s New enough to be able to get it. The Sit Scimitars weight more, so they use more fuel, so they pay not see an actual profit and save in fuel.

Uh, dude, they’re still taking delivery of 737-800s. Split scimitars are installed as retrofits, so an airline must get them fitted after taking delivery. They actually do save compared to the standard winglets. Weight is not everything. They reduce drag.

Becoause they dont Have them on Their 737s

Maybe they don’t like the look off them people these days always have to have gold or rose gold IPhones but tbh space grey is amazing

thats true, i don’t think I’ve ever seen an american 737 with splits

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