Why does a level one violation drop your grade by two?

Yesterday I was doing a flight from Martinique islands to Toronto Canada in the a223. I had climbed up to 37,000 ft for the first time in the 220. while climbing to FL370 I had noticed I had lost A lot of airspeeds when I had leveled off at 37,000 feet I have tried to regain some of my airspeed fearing a stall unbeknownst to me I had no idea at 37,000 feet you could not exceed 250 kn in the 220. I had gotten to 250 kn and I didn’t know that at the time when I noticed I slow down my aircraft and before I was in the clear I was issued a level one violation.

Why does a level 1 violation have as much power as a level 2 or a level 3 violation.”

Why is it that one single violation dropped my grade by two when it was a low-risk violation not only that but I thought you would have to obtain three or more for it to be able to downgrade you?

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250KIAS is normal for that altitude. Your IAS will decrease the higher you go, despite you gaining ground speed when accelerating, which is the true speed determining your real speed relative to the earth’s surface. Keep a look for your Mach indicator which will show you the relevant speed above FL280. 0,78 Mach should be the goal in the A220, which is roughly what you have with 250KIAS at FL370.

Here’s a better explanation:

Understanding True Airspeed (TAS) | by Ted S. | How To Aviation | Medium.



Please check the following grade requirements, and see if the numbers align with yours, in your own grade table. It’s possible that you may have too many Level 1 violations with respect to landings (violation-to-landing ratio), or perhaps too many violations in a particular time period (24 hours, or 7 days).

Alternatively, you could look at the parameters on your grade table and see which ones are orange - meaning unfulfilled - which are preventing you from advancing.

If there’s still an issue, let us know on here!

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Thank you for sharing that article I enjoyed learning about TAS as well as IAS. I will for now on apply that to all my trips in the future.


Now that I’ve looked at the tab it makes sense why my grade dropped by two thank you for sharing the tab.

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