Why Do You Keep Getting Go Arounds?

ATC issues go arounds for a lack of adequate separation. The plane in front of you cannot land and exit the runway simultaneously.

If you’ve been issued two go arounds already because you’ve hunted down the pilot in front of you, you might consider a couple things on your next attempt:

  1. Don’t turn base right into the fuselage of the pilot ahead of you in sequence.

  2. Maintain adequate separation. 500 meters back does not meet this threshold.

  3. Maintain a responsible final speed. (Different for all aircraft, but never 250 knots for a commercial aircraft.)

  4. Use the MAP!

Believe me, Tower doesn’t want to try to get you down a fourth time, either. Help yourself out.


Thanks for the post! There is also a tutorial made by Mark that could help with this;


I think it’s funny the ones I typically issue go around’s to, it usually happens a few times for one reason or another. I had to make a guy go around like 3-4 times once.

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A few additional reasons from the ground perspective.

  • Being pokey on the runway after landing. Speed up to the ramp, brake, and then exit.
  • Immediate takeoff means do not stop, fix your seat, check your mirror, etc. Line up and GOOOOO
  • Don’t cross the runway without permission.

All of these will cause the inbound plane to go around.


Spacing can be a big factor. I suggest at least 4NM of spacing when following an aircraft into land.


Pilots should also consider what’s in front of them. If you’re behind a Dash, a Cessna or a C-130, don’t expect them to maintain the same speed as an A380. That 4 nm can disappear fairly quickly.


Most reasons ATC issues go-around is due to lack of common sense and proper judgement from pilots. Occasionally you’ll have an instance where ATC makes a clumsy mistake, usually never happens though,


Yeah, should’ve added that. As in commercial airliners though, since we see so many on the servers.

Wasn’t meant as a correction. Just an addendum.

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Okay, it appears I need to re-iterate: If you are sequenced on downwind with another plane and you just can’t figure out why you get a go around every pass…try providing more than a mile separation when turning base and don’t fly 220 knots if they’re flying 160.

Learn. Don’t ragequit.


Just to add to @Tim_B excellent point…

On final you will see the plane ahead of you, may not see the aircraft itself but will see callsign, name and… distance.

Obviously this varies from airport to airport, there are many factors that may require more separation, but as a general guide you should give a minimum of 4nm… ideally 5-6nm between yourself and the aircraft ahead. So just keep an eye on that - it’s right on your screen! Not that hard. And if you realize the aircraft ahead is much slower and you can’t slow down to keep that minimum separation - call the go around yourself, the earlier you go around, the earlier you will land.


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