Why do we have an El Al Boeing 787-10 if El Al doesn't have it and does't plan to have it?

Checked the article, nothing about a -10. Only -9 and -8. Also, El Al never placed an order or even thought about the 787-10.

The El Al 787-10 may have been a simple mistake by the devs, they are stressed for time, and things happen, so they may have made a mistake here or there (Singapope Airlines A359), it’s not entirely their fault, as they are so busy.

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Like @dca.iad.aviation said, it doesn’t say anything about B787-10. It only talks about B787-8 & B787-9. El Al has both the B787-8 and B787-9 currently in service.

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Yeah that was fault by me there read it wrong! But like I said other airlines did have orders for those aircraft. But its simple if you want to be realistic avoid those liveries :)

Facts, I’m still waiting for ANA’s A380 and 777-300ER to be added into the game. I wish I could fly them now but it may be a while till we see them in the game.

I don’t think some liveries should be removed all together. I think that maybe at the bottom of the plane select page where it says “Show Legacy Planes” that there should be another one that says “Former Liveries”. When you click it shows planes that airlines had orders for but canceled and maybe just old liveries that are no longer flown. If some liveries were removes all together there would be a lot of people who won’t be happy.


I think its best just to leave it how it is no need to change anything to confuse people :)

I wish that real life currently operated liveries were prioritized before they added speculative ones…


Dude I was talking about Pax Configurations

I also agree with this point.

Not to criticize the devs, but, for example, with regards to the upcoming b772, we are seeing liveries like Varig (an extinct airline) and Nordwind (granted this is a contemporary airline) being prioritized over MAJOR flag carriers that are to quite an extensive degree, absent from the IF fleet. For example, Austrian Airlines, a major Lufthansa Group partner, only has about 2-3 short/medium haul aircraft. We really need the Austrian Airline livery in the upcoming b772, and other more modern liveries that are flown on contemporary aircraft.

Please excuse this off topic discussion. Just providing my two cents is all! I do not mean to ridicule the devs. I fully recognize that they have put in a lot of effort and time, and I really do much appreciate it! This update is going to be awesome no matter what! 😀

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How do you know the Austrian livery is not coming with the update?


I’m not saying it’s not coming. In fact, based off of some unknown liveries being tested that I see in LiveFlightApp, there is a good chance that it is coming. My point was that it’s still to a major degree absent from the IF fleet currently.

Again, this was used as an example. There are plenty of other airlines that are missing from aircraft that are fully integrated into the fleet. (Ex: South African, Air China, Sichuan Airlines, who all have the a350, and are/were actively flying them, are not represented while we see liveries like Aer Lingus, United, Emirates that don’t even exist yet!)

Again, no hard feelings, just voicing my opinions

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What’s the point of taking livery’s out of the game? If your going to bend over backwards for realism just don’t fly them… 🤷🏻‍♂️

To be fair when the 787 was added everything for the 78X was “speculative”

I understand this point, but I think what my perspective is is that actual liveries should be prioritized above speculative ones


I’ve brought this up before (see closed topic below) and somehow it always seems to become more controversial than it should. Major pet peeve of mine is when simulators allow users to create their own, fake liveries or what have you. Thankfully, Infinite Flight doesn’t allow this.

I absolutely enjoy and appreciate how many liveries are in the game (my past comments on multiple topics demonstrate this). I just wish that liveries that physically existed at some point in time past or present were the only liveries considered.

No, I don’t fly the liveries we’re discussing :) I’m glad others enjoy them, but how would you feel if (extreme example) we had an American Airlines 747-400 that never existed in real life? It would hinder the realistic aspects of the simulator.

I also question why we have an El Al 78X, especially as the CEO for El Al Virtual (still in IFVARB Certification), however there is no need to remove the livery. It’s fun to fly and looks very similar to the 789. I am hoping that one day IF will release other El Al liveries such as the 739, 772, 788, and 789. Until then, we can just use what we have!

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And possibly the 744 and 767-300

Yes, however those planes are retired so I’d rather them implement their current fleet. Don’t forget about the 752 as well!

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At this point this discussion is just getting off topic and is going nowhere

No, not really. We will never know why the IF Team devolved the El Al paint for the 78X. We can only speculate and it’s better that others are engaging within the community on different topics rather then everyone focusing on the 772 rework. With that being said, if anyone is uncomfortable flying a plane that doesn’t exist, don’t fly it.