Why do we have an El Al Boeing 787-10 if El Al doesn't have it and does't plan to have it?

I was wondering why we have an El Al Boeing 787-10 if El Al doesn’t have them and doesn’t plan to have them. Can someone explain to me why we have a B787-10 and not a B787-9 like El Al has.

Thank you

This is El Al’s fleet:


I also wonder this i see that is the case with many airlines in the sim and wrong versions of the aircraft type


This is because the airline planned on having it and the devs added the livery to the sim for when it did came out we had it. But plans change and orders get cancelled! This happend to the Delta 787 as well


I can’t find anywhere online that says this. Can you add a link to something saying this?


That says what?

Here is what I am talking about


They simply just cancelled the order or moved their orders to another plane and the devs have left these liveries there

i agree not sure if the airline ever had the 787-10 in the order books … would be nice to see the new livery on the 787-9 and 737-800 ( and the reworked 772)

if they take this kind of realism into accout, they also should remove legacy Aircrafts like DC10/MD11 as they (Pax A/C) aren’t even operated anymore… same with the 747-200


Should never add liveries on any aircraft that did not operate on them, and it is better to have liveries that operated on an airplane and today do not operate than one on an airplane that never operated…


But there are still cargo versions that fly.

A link that says that they once ordered them and then cancelled the order.

Oh a link ok

@Max_R.0 Here you go


I 100% agree with this. Realism is what IF should always strive for in my opinion. Along with this, I say we also remove the United, Emirates, KLM, Aer Lingus, and Afriqiyah (sorry for spelling) a350s and the Delta b787-8 just to name a few.

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The A350 United is actually on the ordered list like I said they go off based on the orders or the aircraft in real life

United plans to get the A359 in 2027. Unless those plans changed. Emirates has orders for them as well i believe again plans can change. We praise the team when they release aircraft and liverys, and then a few months later want them removed. If it’s that big of a deal simple solution don’t use it. You see someone use it? Cool, it’s a simulation not real life. Not every detail needs to be that of real life. There’s a vast amount of liverys. So what a few here and there aren’t "Realistic"™️ The team adds liverys based on operators and future operators, plans change IRL. But it’s and again i say this to get through to some of you, a SIMULATION not Real world. Okay? If they want to remove them, then they will, simple as that… There’s bigger things in life to be bothered about.
Wanna discuss more, my Pm’s are always open:)

and afriqiyah airways since it was converted from the (Now cancelled) a350-800 order

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Yup! The Delta 787 got its orders from when it merged with Northwest but cancelled them later in and at that point we had the 787 already

I get the argument of realism when it comes to what you are striving for in Infinite Flight, however, I simply just say let people enjoy aircraft as they may. If you aren’t a fan of flying a livery in IF that doesn’t exist in the real world, then you do not have to fly it. Nobody is forcing it upon you to use it.

For those that do enjoy them, myself included, I think its fun to fly some of the “never made” aircraft. I enjoy the B788 Delta, and the KLM 359. While they don’t exist, people can still enjoy them.

Rather than trying to argue for taking away liveries that people may enjoy, let’s argue for the liveries that are not in IF that we hope for and hope to see in an update someday.

*cough, the Delta A320.