Why do we have 3 official youtube channels?


Whats the logic behind 3 official youtube channels if it has some what the same content as the others? Not only that its being runned by Mark(Flight Academy) and Tyler(ATC)(both are volunteering their time with FDS).

Why not just have one channel that has all of these videos and put them into a playlist?

And Look at the advantages of doing this- majority of the fliers will be on one channel, they can have all the content they need in one place and not only that but you can have more subscribers and views. Its a win-win compared to what we have right now.

Why have the confusion if it can be made so simple?


Not everything is about subscribers and views ($$$). It’s nice and i honestly like the current setup, if a person needs assistance with the ATC part they go to that youtube channel, it’s very organized. But i do agree if the main IF channel is not going to be posting anything that boasts its app or show new features. It should be merged into 2 channels. But it looks like they have one for general IF things (app, new updates, cool things, etc), then the ATC (helping with how to do/listen/follow directions). Even in IF it’s going to be very extensive in the terms a lot of videos and that would spam peoples feeds who dont want to see it, or already know.

Whats mind boggling is the IF page has the same content as the ATC channel, check out the IF page

We are using one channel now as we have consolidated the IFATC and the IFA (Infinite Flight Academy) channels to our Ofiicial Infinite Flight Channel. The other two channels will be closed shortly. We have posted on the channels about moving the content from both channels to our Official Infinite Flight channel.

Also, Tyler and I both are both employees of FDS meaning they are real jobs for us both as Community Managers.


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