Why do we fly even when going E to W and odd going W to E?

hey guys. I know this sounds stupid but bare with me. I’ve always wanted to know, why do we fly…i cant be bothered writing it out THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL PEOPLE THE TITLE SAYS IT ALL! so ik it sounds stupid but I’ve been wanting to know that for a while haha.

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Because the minimum separation altitude is 1,000ft.

If an aircraft who flies from East to West would fly the same altitude as an aircraft who flies from West to East they could cross each other’s flight paths and in worst case scenario crash into each other.

That’s why someone said that everyone who flies East to West go at an even altitude and everyone going West to East at an odd.


To avoid a little thing called “mid air collisions”


oh, thank u all!

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The same reason people drive on a certain side of the road. One of the many mysteries of aviation. Similar to why we always board from the left side of the plane. At one time standards had to be made and thus it was born.


that’s 1 way of describing it

Always odd altitudes flying Northeast, East, and Southeast. All other directions are even.

Odd altitudes when heading between 1 to 179⁰ and even altitudes when heading between 180 to 359⁰… I might be wrong but not that much…

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