Why do we call planes what we do?

Why do most people say “737” and “A320”, instead of “B737” and “A320”, or “737” and “320”?

Sorry if this is a little confusing lol


I guess because you can’t really get them confused. There’s no Airbus 737, so there’s not really any need to say Boeing 737. People know what your talking about


calling it 320 is straight up weird


True. I felt really weird typing it lol.

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I just say what’s on the house colours lol. It says “737” and “A320”

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Oh yeah, that makes sense.

Lol, that’s what I was kind of thinking, if we just went by what the manufacturers called it.

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There is no Boeing 320 either🙄🙄

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I mean some people in mainstream media are guilty of this. 🤣


Though Boeing CAN start with 3
Though it’s not a jet
Like the 377


The long names are Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.
Also, B737 means the 737-700, not the 737 family.

pronouncing the B like the letter B before 737 just sounds weird, either say 737 or boeing 737

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i think what ur referring to is the ICAO, the Boeing 737-700’s ICAO code is B737, B738 is the 737-800, B734 is the 737-400, etc

To prevent confusion 73G is sometimes used IRL
Like G is the seventh letter

73G is the IATA code (apparently 737 is already taken by 737-100 or something)

Might also have something to do with the fact that there isn’t a Boeing B737, it’s a Boeing 737.

Whereas Airbus aircraft (excluding helicopters) have A before their model number, as in A350. There is no Airbus 350, but there is an A350

Same with the Embraer E170. It’s the E170, not 170.

It’s just a matter of how the manufacturer names them


Imagine walking into a conversation, and the first thing you say is “Hey guys, what is your favorite aircraft? Mine is the 350.”


I say the 350 a lot

Without the a

I say B737 a lot

I say the 330 a lot

320, 380 all aircraft basically.

Do you say thats a cool Corvette or cool Chevrolet Corvette…everybody knows who makes it.
If you know planes then you know a 737 is made by Boeing

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Typically people, wether they are aviation enthusiasts or not know that Bowing starts with a “7” and Airbus starts with a “A” this is mainly due to the fact that the A380 and 747 are very popular aircraft so many people just connect the dots, for example, If I were to say 737-700 then 737-800, people will assume that the 737-800 is an upgraded version of the 700.

Same thing goes with airbus, if I were to say A330 then A350 you can guess that the A350 is “better” or “Newer” so I think if we were to say it in a different way, it will leave many other people confused, especially those new to plane spotting or aviation as a whole.

That’s what I think and hopefully it helps!