Why do they get to do that...?

Take a look at this photo:

Do you notice something odd?


  • the speed is at 369kts under FL010! This is odd, because people are saying this is a FAA or Flying Rule. Plus, this is added in IF!

Departure can approve you for a faster takeoff.


Yeah, but then why isn’t this in IF?


I believe you can… I remember someone mentioned this before, that you can have a departure faster than 250 under FL100. I’m not certain you can, but no one is ever departure.

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In Infinite Flight?

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I can see my hometown :)

Cool Nathan!

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yea that’s what we were descussing

Lol I’ve said this along time ago @Robertdiaz123. Yes as long as atc says ok you can

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I have heard many times when spotting ATC telling planes departing London Gatwick “no speed restriction”.

So it does happen when it’s quiet.

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Note that speed here is in mph, and not knots. Also, this is likely to be ground speed.


We’re probably talking of the same topic, I can’t find it tho

Huh? So is this on Advanced or Playground?

I’m pretty sure this is IRL

The Real Life Server


It says 369 mph, not knots.

But as some people said, sometimes departure allows for free speed.


Isn’t it ground speed which is shown? IAS may well be 250 kts.

I am not sure whether you are suggesting IF has just made up this rule - it exists in the real world! Even if you don’t believe any non pilot contributors on here and the many source links posted, there any many pilot contributors on here who I am sure would have called this out if it wasn’t true.

Yeah, but it is 320.652 Kts converted. 😉

Yeah, but as I stated before, why isn’t it in IF?

It could be, but no one uses it to confirm