Why do the smallest Aircraft of the family get left out?


_____/E-175 E2/E-190 E2/ E-195 E2

________/A330-300(242T MTOW)


You guys see. The A318 gets left out of the NEOs, the E-170 gets left out of the E2s, the A330-200 gets left out of the 242T MTOW and the 737-600 gets left out of the MAXs.

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Because the world needs bigger aircraft that are as economical as the smaller aircraft, if not more economical.


They want to improve larger aircraft as they must be hurting the environment a bit more? Maybe?

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More passengers/cargo+efficiency=profit


Is a thing of money and profitability. The demand is going more into bigger aircrafts. For example is sure that the a350-800 wont start fabricating because theres no enough demand and because the a330neo.

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True. Hawaiian converted their A350 order to A330neos

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Bigger Aircraft=More Seats=More Tickets=MORE MONEY!!!

More seats=less fuel consumption

Airlines want larger aircraft. You can pack more people on an A319 versus an A318. Thus, even though the A319 may cost more than the A318, the $ it will return to the airline will ultimately be higher. The more people and profits you can put on a flight, the expenses get reduced, which is especially critical in the past years when fuel costs soared.

On the other hand, these larger aircraft are better sellers because it allows airlines to stay competitive by keeping tickets lower. More seats=more fares=can charge less to minimally cover the costs of the flight.

Thus, Frontier ditched their A318s, other airlines are opting for the A321 versus A320, etc.

Not really. More seats does not automatically mean less fuel consumption. It should be more seats=fuel expenses are covered to a certain extent.


Typically shrunk models, such as the A318, have sold very poorly compared to their other counterparts. Often it’s <100, or even <50 units. Thus there’s no point in keeping that production line, even if the family overall is profitable.

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