Why do the most Pilots come extremely close to the aircraft in front of them while waiting on the taxiway?

It’s very fearful when a B747 nearly hits the tail of my aircraft.
Wouldn’t it be helpful if the ground ATCs can require the pilots to outdistance to the aircraft in front of them?
The pic shows ORD, the world’s busiest airport by aircraft movements.image


Ground controllers have an option similar to that, but most people change to tower before we can issue it.


Ground controllers can tell people to keep their distance, but once they switch to tower that’s not possible

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Well, it’s just like when you drive on the road. GND never care about their distances cuz it’s totally pilots’ discretion unless visibility is really poor.

All they are trying to do is make me want to implement jet blast ;-) Now wouldn’t that be fun? :smile:


that is s true…and ask for take-off clearance…smh

Because when your number 21 for takeoff at LGA the only seperation between aircraft should be jet blast related…

In this picture we were still number 7



Number 21 at LGA…


I like how you think!😂

That would be fun! If someone annoying gets close to me I would blast them away at 100%


Get err done that will teach them to keep a little distance

Yep, just add that to the troll toolbox.

Won’t happen unless it’s tied to some type of earned rating. Standing? Nope, any troll can achieve 100%. Violations? Nope, not unless it can be used in conjunction to a ratio of some other parameter like landings. XP, maybe. But only if misuse of the blast technique will result in some significant penalty as well.

@Swang007 😂😂😂😂😂

One word: Impatience

Long live the DC-9!

I don’t mean to interrupt or anything, it’s a nice topic but why is this listed as an event for today when I open Infinite flight?

And here is a tutorial I think everyone should read before being allowed to go on live.