Why do the landing lights not work so well at night

Hello I am currently flying from San Diego - Dallas Ft Worth and I’m gonna arrive in 47 min and I was woundering why the landing lights don’t work as well as I thought they would at night thx!

Please elaborate. Do you mean they wouldn’t illuminate the ground or…?

Yeah they won’t show the ground at night on landings

Like is there any way to make them brighter at all?

IF hasn’t added features where lights help visibility. The only way to see better at night is to have a full moon.

There is no way to make the lights brighter other than adjusting your device brightness (but that doesnt really count)

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Gotcha thx I wish they would add a feature for this so we can see better at night!

We all do and have been waiting lmao

That’s what Project Metal is for. Infinite Flight is working on updating their core coding to allow for new features, one of them being dynamic lighting (so, taxiway lights, landing lights, etc). Hopefully this can come in the future!


Thank u guys so much!


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