Why do the landing lights do nothing at all?

This is not really a “Issue” so that is why this is not in #support

How come in IF, when landing in the dark, landing light do NOTHING, the point of lights is so you can see in front of you!!! and in the dark in IF, landing light do nothing, even when they are on, cant see things in front of me, this is what landing light are suppose to look in a cockpit

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Light reflections have not yet been implemented. That’s why they “do nothing at all”. However, what they do provide is additional visibility for other aircraft to see you. 🙂


No complaining, Infinite Flight is a mobile simulator and some devices may not be enable to run with the current solution. Ik, it may seem silly, but some devices due struggle with fancy reflections, even with the current IF graphics.

Oh ok then :)

Don’t forget to vote for it if you want to see this in the future :)

One of the biggest limiting factors for features like this is the fact that in its current state, Infinite Flight is still using OpenGL ES as the rendering API, and being an old and depreciated API there are limits to what it can do, especially on mobile.

It had been mentioned before on the Infinite Flight blog that hopefully in the future, this is something that will be added with the shift to Vulkan as the API. Vulkan is a lot more friendly towards devices due to its lower processing overhead, and just being a much newer and widely supported rendering API. Several desktop based games and simulators have made the transition and the performance difference is staggering.

Buildings, clouds, weather, better lighting…
All to come in the future ☺️


Didn’t the NAV lights reflect in earlier versions or am I mistaking?

They most certainly did, you can see that here :)


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