Why do the Boeing 787's have composite wings and when were they manufactured?

I attend an FAA-AMT training facility here at OAK airport, at Northern California. And I foundout from a class mate that the 787’s have composite wings which shocked me and blew my mind… and my question is why? Does it save fuel? and is it cost effective? and safer since the fuel tanks are in the wings?


Most commercial jets have fuel tanks in their wings. The composite is lighter and allows the plane to be more fuel efficient. As to the cost-effectiveness, you’ll have to ask Boeing’s accounting department. They’ve deferred so many costs already, we have no clue.


Many planes from Airbus have been using composites for years and it’s not just the wings for the B787 most of the plane is a composite. It’s stronger then the traditional aluminium and far lighter aswell


A good example of quality and efficiency

Don’t forget that Boeing created microlattice, the lightest metal ever and is 99.99% air from what I’ve read. Pretty impressive the strength of that stuff while still being able to sit on top of a dandelion without crushing it. Be really interesting to see what uses they find for it in aircraft!

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