Why do some TL2 users have the Regular title?


I have had a question that i wanted to ask for a long time. Why do some TL2 users have the Regular title?

For Example: All of @Starley’s posts has that Regular title beneath. But when I click on his profile, I see his Trust Level is Member!

Is this a known issue? Or is my life a lie?

That’s because they were once regulars. It is known. It’s just that sometimes, the title still remains on.


But don’t they lose the Regular title after getting demoted?

That’s correct. It has to be taken off manually.

Okay then, this topic can be closed.

Your life is a lie

Some people just have not changed their Regular title yet. Once they change it, the title will be lost until the re-achive Regular. Most people will most likely not change their title because they like it


Ok, thanks for the explanation!

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I’m totally not one of them. 😅😉

Closed by request.