Why do some planes(when the landing gear is up)not have it covered?

I just saw a picture of a 737 and you can see that the gear isn’t covered when up. It’s a black circle. Why is this the case for the design?


Not having gear doors reduces the plane’s weight, which saves money on fuel.


Correct. It’s just a part of the design for that particular aircraft, for various reasons.


Also the gear doors are just one more factor which can fail or get stuck, causing a gear malfunction. It’s up to the manufacturer really… :)


True, but all this for just a few cents?

It’s all a matter of engineering…weight, aerodynamics, etc…determining what was best for expenses. In the end it was decided that not having the doors was more beneficial than having them. Your opinion of whether is looks better with or without doors does not matter.


Not just a few cents, I learned that in 1987, American Airlines took out 1 olive from each of their salads in first class and saved $40,000. Now compare that to more expensive gear doors, how heavy they are, and how many 737s are flown in the world.


Also, when the 737’s gears retract, the only thing that needs to move is the gear itself. If you want to cover the tires as well, you will need gear doors, more hydraulic lines, etc.


Got it, @the777fan.

But it’s really cold up high so I swear they could freeze and lock up or does it have some sort of de-icer system?

Doors wouldn’t change the temperature. It would still be just as cold and just as unpressurized even if it had gear doors


Because why bother to put them?

They have a similar thing on Spitfires, but half the wheel is covered.

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