Why do some pilots names appear green

Hello it might be a simple question but why do some pilots names appear green. I’ve been wondering for a while and its just came to my mind.

If the tag has a green colour, then it indicates that the pilot is Grade 4. Grade 5 pilots have an orange tag, moderators have purple tags and staff have blue tags.



These colours are based on the ‘grade’ of the pilot. These are the specific colours for each grade (and extras):

  • Grade 1-3: White
  • Grade 4: Green
  • Grade 5: Peach type of colour
  • Staff: Blue
  • Moderators: Purple
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Here is everything you need to know about Aircrft data tags. From the pilots point of view!

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Thanks for the info. It has incresed my understanding of the game a bit more

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Remember, if you need to know anything else that your curious about, feel free to PM me, a mod, or any regular. :)


Thanks, I sure will if I’m curious

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