Why do some people dislike the Moderators?

MaxSez: For the Malcontents, Peanuts & Youngsters unable to identify with authority figures here’s a little jingle which defines Moderators Terms of Service; it begins like this: "You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m Telling you why… He know when you are sleeping and when your awake, he knew if you been bad or good so be good for goodness sake…etc. Think of the Moderators as Santa and Regulars as there elves, remember the jingle when your moderated and you’ll get on just fine.
Got it?


I’m sure some people dislike moderators because the forum “minions” glorify them and act like they are gods. Yes, you should respect their authority and listen to them, but come on, they’re human beings…


No, I’m Santa Claus


Lol that wasn’t what I expected as a result 😂


omg carson!!! i am laughing!


Again not showing any disrespect to you guys, I think you’re an awesome dude Carson. some people just take it too far.


And to be honest in the situation that I mentioned, moderators shouldn’t be the ones being disliked, the people glorifying them are.


I may speak for a lot of people with this. I and I’m sure a lot of other people are scared that they will be next. I do respect all of the mods and what they do however, I just think that the bans have to go on a little bit of a slow down. For example, people in the whole discord thing some were banned for reasons that were not specifically specified or for things they didn’t do . Like I said before I respect the mods an what they do i just think that the bans and what not can be a little less harsh. For example, what Sean (formerly know as hubandspoke1) did do some things he regrets, but I feel that it could have been handled a little differently. Maybe a week suspension form live or something, but termination of all accounts I feel is just wrong. He was a big help to this community and I’m sure a lot of people agree. Once again, I agree that some order has to be taken but I feel some situations can be handled differently. If I offend anyone I’m sorry in advanced, I just feel I need to express my opinion respectfully. Just a disclaimer this is not for any specific mod just a general advisory.


Is it my topic that you seen about moderators closing stuff ?

No, I’m not talking about you disliking mods for that reason, I’m talking about the forum members who would sacrifice a goat to the mods.

Well said nick, I must agree with you here. The mods here are great. They’re friendly and kind, and they help out alot. However, as you said, bans have been happening very frequently recently, which could be toned down. I don’t mean to offend any mods, but I agree with you here 100% Nick.


There are some circumstances in which immediate action needs to be taken to show that that behavior is not tolerated. Such as finding personal information about community members and threatening them with it.


@MaxSez: Believe this one has run its course ! The latest comments are becoming individual specific (flag able), case specific or or just random musing!
@Carson (Santa) pls close this ridicules rabble rousing topic.


Agreed, we are talking about a specific issue here that is better dealt with privately.

Many of these users are long overdue and when you have a scenario involving many this can be expected. This behavior will not be supported or tolerated any longer. They distract from our ability to bring you awesome updates in a timely manner and ultimately a cancer to this community.


Kept quiet on here as I didn’t really have anything too useful to say on top of Tyler, woof woof boy and Cam. However one thing does come to mind.

What you see of us on the forum is only a tiny fraction of what we do. We constantly deal with behind the scenes issues and day to day moderating such as flags, askimet spam and so on. On top of that we do also have lives of our own! I myself am doing a bloody degree at the moment whilst having two jobs, 2 volunteer jobs, running social media for a volunteer organisation and then having this forum to moderate.

So whilst we do sometimes make a few poorly judged decisions, you have to understand why: we are humans.

So to be quite frank, wether you like or dislike us isn’t something worth a discussion. Just remember that we have had adult members verbally abusing us in a viscous way via pm, trolls on the forum to deal with, racist messages and quite frankly most things you can think of. But we are still here, and we will still talk to you about most issues if you respect us for doing what we do.


The things some people say from the comfort of their protected home environment far far away from their target is sometimes sickening, if not flat out stupid. Sometimes very disturbing, offensive things are said with the bravery of being out of range. Things that one would never say face to face.
There’s no social situation where it’s OK to personally attack another person. No matter what. How that is not an obvious and standard operating procedure by so many web based communicators, is beyond my ability to reason.