Why do some people dislike the Moderators?

I just happen to see one post and it included inappropriate content about the moderators. I am not that person. I understand that sometimes they can’t always be nice, but why not appriaciate them that they helped make Infinite flight? Without them, This fourm would not exist. But anyways, I am just asking to give them respect to the Moderators, and they will respect and like you back :)


Some people are mad because the Mod’s close their Topics, although they have to


I’m sure they have reasons but moderators try their best to help people swiftly while maintaining a good quality and well moderated forum so occasionally they may not be as nice to someone or the user may feel that they are horrible when they actually aren’t, I myself have thought some moderators weren’t that nice but they are actually nice people trying to do their best to keep the forum and IF the best it possibly can be it just doesn’t always seem it, the people with the stupid hate poems are the bad people, the silly people more worse then they think the mods are

hate a strong word. :)


Changed it :)


Sometimes mods are harsh. Punishments can be unfair.


I like :)

People will always dislike people of authority. sad, but true. people just have to come to terms with it. just my humble opinion.


Yes, but you have to understand not everything in here is fair. So just try to be respectful and it may not be harsh. :)

I think they dislike them because they don’t know how to flight and they do everything they want so the moderator correct them like a teacher so respect mod…

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The moderators are the best
Especially @Carson :)


Maybe its just a basic authority issue. The role that the mods play is vital in my opinion.


Idk about that @Carson guy, hmmm


I don’t have any problems with them honestly.

Me too there fine and nice to me including @Carson


If we give all the moderaters respect, they will like us and respect us back, simple as that :)


Some of them have actual reasons and some of them are just plain trolls like the one we saw earlier (i saw it right before it got deleted).


is there a vacuum in this room? lol

Let’s talk about this for a brief moment. Our primary moderating team is a team of volunteers which means they’re willingly surfing the forum to keep it informative, clean of duplicates/irrelevant posts, and most of all, accommodating for all ages, backgrounds, and interests. This is no easy job and comes with a lot of headache at time. Please do not contact moderators regarding someone else’s suspension. This is their business and their problem. I recognize that many feel entitled to an explanation, but you will not receive one. We feel it is most professional to handle all issues in private unless it is a point that can be used to educate others respectfully.

I’ve seen many threads concerned about the health of the forum. Is it the moderators? Do they close too much? Is it other users? Ask yourself this: what can I do to improve the quality of the forum? By welcoming new users, developing threads and conversations with quality information, and most importantly, leading by example, you can change the environment which we all share.

Many users have come and gone. If a user is removed from the forum, it is the result of a very serious situation or a series of issues that has been dealt with in a progressive manner. The way you respond and encourage these disruptive users only perpetuates the ongoing issue of disrespect from a handful that are here. Please set the example and help us help you. Moderators will not single handedly shape this forum. Each one of you will with the standards you set by way of professional dialogue and healthy discussion.

Lastly, if you have feedback or criticism, give it in a respectful manner and you will receive that same respect in return. A disrespectful poem will not get you the results you seek.


Can you at least tell me why users have been suspended until the year 2221?


If they’re suspended that long it’s not a suspension, It’s a permanent ban.