Why do some fighters (F-16C, F-22) tend to roll on takeoff/landing more than commerical jets?

In IF, whenever I’m flying a fighter jet, the aircraft tends to roll left or right immediately after rotation. I also often start to roll on landing after touch-down, which I’m able to control or stabilize using the rudder. A couple of questions: (1) what is the basic aerodynamic reason for this heightened tendency relative to Airbus/Boeing commercial jets? and (2) does this behavior I’m describing indicate that I’m doing something seriously wrong?

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some tips for you :
To start fighter flying, try to use a low sensitivity as your setting. Fighters ( especially the F22 ) are way more active in responding to inputs because of their low wingspan and often big control surfaces. Also, go for a higher take-off speed, try 160 for both. Further, be smooth on your inputs, dont pull hard but smooth and take off with one power setting, for the raptor 50 % is enough, for the F16 I can recommend 75 to 80%. The rudder only needs to be used in IF when you have to do a crosswind landing or crosswind take off. You basically dont need it to control the aircraft, it will only make it wobble.

PM me for more, I fly fighter mainly and have decent knowledge and can help you out.
I´m glad to help with any issue!


Thanks a lot. I’m gonna try your suggestions.


Also, it’s because of the gear. The gear is alot more narrow on fighters than commercial jets, and it causes them to tip easily during landings, especially crosswinds. If you want training, @Overspeed runs a very good aerobatics group with fighter jets, and I have a Squadron dedicated to training people how to fly fighters and fly in formations. Once you get used to them, fighters are the most fun to fly on IF

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Thanks, yes, I’d love some training. How can I get involved with @Overspeed’s group or your group?

PM ethier of us. I run a discord and I believe he does as well. His team is called Aerosync and Mine are the Infinite Flight Cobras

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