Why do some airplanes have 2 different colors on their engines

I’ve noticed that some aircraft have to diffrent colors like for example N783UA in august

You can see on the engine it’s evo blue and the regular color

Another example is C-GEFA it also has a different color on its engine

Can some one please give me an explanation because I’ve been going around the internet and haven’t found any answers. Thank you


Probably just swapped in a cowling from a different aircraft.



I believe this could be because of the previous livery that was on the aircraft. Once they repaint they might not completely change the engine color


That’s not the case with these two liveries. It’s a maintenance thing.


Yes, it could be a maintenance thing with swapped parts, or it could symbolize that the airplane has been scheduled to be repainted or already is

It’s not.


It’s called a “theory”

A wonderful thing in the 1800’s brought “Interchangeable Parts,” in which seems like the case for the different colored engine cowlings. An aircraft might receive wear on it’s engines and require a new one from a different aircraft. Nose cones are also a common thing you might see be mis-colored.

There’s some other parts that are more unusually replaced like the 2 emergency evacuation slide compartments below door 2L and 3L here:


I’ve seen something similar to this with the spinners in jet engines. Like previously said, it’s probably just a part that was replaced

Theres no theory here.

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As other said this is due to parts of aircraft with different livery versions being swapped. Sometimes an aircraft part gets replaced and the original one gets repaired/stored until another aircraft needs that part. That’s how different colored parts end up on aircraft.

Also sometimes airlines use speed tape which is duct tape but 10 times stronger for temporary fixes

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