Why do some aircraft have APPR and some dont?

So after flying many aircraft, i found that some aircraft like the 747 and 767 dont have APPR, even though they do have ILS landing IRL, so i want to ask, why do some aircraft have APPR and some dont? and i dont think its because of legacy aircraft and such, because even the C-17 has APPR, and that plane doesnt even have a cockpit.



Basically the aircraft that were made before APPR was added to the sim - don’t have it (e.g. the 767, 747, etc…)

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Well the C-17 is older than the 747 (for ex) and it has APPR, how come?

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because specifically placed on or something

The C-17 got some quick touch ups in 21.1, enabling its APPR.

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The very old and legacy planes lack it but today most of the newer models have APPR

Eventually they’ll all be reworked and have APPR.

What is missing, however, is the Pepsi can on the new models 😭