Why do replies on pinned topics special than regular topics?

If you dont understand the topic…i can try to explain it
SO, i was looking at blank black page thet is dark mode and sow…saw that the replies on the pinned topics are

but the replies on normal topics are white-grey-ish
i just wanted to know why because it cant be because it is more because something got like 22 replies

what my brain is rambling on about


I think it just means more active

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I dont really understand that but i will take it

Reply count turns orange when the topic has high like-to-post ratio. Hover your mouse cursor over the orange replies number and you’ll see the same explanation.


Confsion intesifies

So what your saying is, Theoretically ofcourse, that if i get enough people to like it i will also have orange?

To simplify it:
More replies, less like = grey
Fewer replies, more like = orange

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