Why do regional Jets have to be Stretched Longer? (question)

Take the E195 and CRJ-1000 for example. some shorter variants (E175, CRJ-700) have like in perfect size to fit in airports so why do longer variants of Regional jets exists? To fit more passengers, to fit larger airports, or more fuel efficient

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I think that more passengers can fit it.

Genius @German_Pilot


It’s mostly because that’s the only way to make one family have several capacity’s. You see it with every aircraft, 737-700 vs 737-900 is a big difference, A318 vs A321 etc, I think it’s just sum what more pronounced on RJs because there usually pretty skinny.


It’s like pretty much any other aircraft. It’s longer or shorter for capacity. Take the MAX series for example, the -7MAX holds less for lower demand routes, while the -10MAX tries to be a 757 for low demand trans-atlantic routes.

The stretched versions of the regional jets fill a gap between those and the much larger jets like the A318. An increased requirement for a slightly larger amount of passengers that doesn’t expand to the numbers you can fit in a larger jet create a little niche. Plus an Airbus A318 costs USD 56M and a CRJ1000 about 13 million less.

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For Europe:
The bigger regional jets are fantastic for thin routes in Europe. Great handling, good short runway capabilities, quick turnarounds. An E175 or CRJ700 is already too small for most routes here as trains/cars can replace very short regional flights.

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Is it mostly high speed rail?

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I love how you credited yourself 😂

Yes, it is. Especially out of Frankfurt we have a rather good long distance high speed rail network, eliminating the need for those <30minutes flights. Also connections between other cities are often pretty quick, with distances being relatively short, which further reduces the need for planes with <100 seats, as it’s quicker to just take the train than to go to the airport, take a flight, and go to the city center.

Example: I cover about 440km, which equals roughly 272 miles in slightly more than 3 hours (no security checks nothing, I just show up with my ticket) by train to University, which already equals a crossing of about half of Germany. A regional flight would take ~30 minutes + all the security, check-in and …
That just wouldn’t be economically viable.

More capacity, more fuel, more passengers=

More money as Mr.Krabs always want

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