Why do planes roll when you pitch the plane down in Infinite Flight?

There were some pilots landing and some planes just roll when they touched the ground. I bet they just pitched the yoke down when they touched the ground. Is that usual in real world? Why does this happen?


Ever heard of inertia?


No I’m pretty sure it’s not, the physics on IF are just messed up when you do this. I have seen take offs wher the pilots have the yoke pitching the aircraft fully down then bring it up when they rotate


When a plane lands it is normal for it to continue moving forward until brakes are applied.


Lol is that called common sense?


Yeah but, some planes roll around sometimes when landing in Infinite Flight.

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Do you mean when the plane skids of the runaway after landing when pitching the plane down?

No I mean on the ground. Pitching it downer and then it rolls.

Rolls? How can a plane roll on the ground!. Pitching down excessively while landing can result in you skidding and losing control resulting in 360’s and going off the runway but that’s it

Ohhh I see what your talking about. Rotating I mean

Yeah that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Why does it do 360s?

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Yeah that’s basically messed up physics, just land and let the front gears come down gently, they will once the spoilers are activated. Never push down though

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Ok. I knew the steps already. But, is that a physics underdevelopment or a bug?

It’s always existed so probably something that needs to be solved in the future but it’s not a big deal as long as you know how to prevent it.

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Sorry about that. I may did by accident :p

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Alright. I confirmed it’s a bug. I hope the game’s immune system catches and eats the bug so it will make it more realistic:)

I know what he means, he is referring to when you land and jam the yoke down and the plane will pin out. That’s because you landed too fast and the nose gear is the only one touching the ground and it spins out. Land slower