Why Do Planes Park With Flaps Down?

hello IFC I jus wanted to kno why yesterday at KFLL I notice almost all the jetblues that I saw had their flaps down while parked at the gate and I used to spot and walk past jetblue many times at KFLL and never saw this like…EVER so @Joseph_Spinner, @ChiknNRice and @FBWFTW ik y’all love jetblue pls explain XD

It can be due to iceing

thanks for changing the topic name whoever did :)

oh I was thinking to save time

One time landing at KHOU we taxied all the way to the gate with spoilers armed and flaps 40.

oh…do u remember what airline it was bro?

Sometimes they park with the flaps down for cleaning

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Usually they don’t park like that. Maybe they are checking the wings?
Or maybe if the hurricanes hit the airport them planes will just float into the air! Lol

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Icing at KFLL? Are you sure about that?


I honestly think to save time during pushback but I easily could be wrong

lol I might try it in IF

Emirates puts their flaps down on their A380s.

Saw this is Dubai, where it was 33C . Definitely not for de-icing alone.

It was Southwest. That’s the only time I’ve ever seen that.

im glad everyone understands why I was confused yesterday XD

I found this writing from a 737 captain online:

“If an aircraft is parked overnight without hydraulic power on, not unusual for leading edge flaps to droop down. Trailing edge flaps should stay up. Also many aircraft when you land in icing conditions will leave the flaps down so maintenance can inspect the flaps. And sometimes with a short taxi a pilot gets busy and just forgets or doesn’t get them all the way up. And finally that company may have a policy to set the flaps to a known Takeoff setting on taxi in. So it just depends.”


Maybe for less maintenance on the flaps. At least they don’t do it to save time, putting flaps costs almost no time, and can be done on pushback, after pushback or while taxiing

I know that there is a recommendation/Standard operating procedure for the Airbus A330 or A320 (not too sure right know) at some airlines (pretty sure it’s at SWISS for example) to park with Flaps 1 to counteract overheating and increase circulation of the air around the flaps if the temperature is over 30°C.

Not sure whether this applies to all airlines or aircraft types though.

Also please correct me if I didn’t remember the details correctly.

Well, I flew a BA 744 and they left them half way down (ish) and cabin crew told me it was to stop sand/dust getting trapped during a forecasted sandstorm. On closer inspection, (almost) all the aircraft at the airport had the same thing, some even had covered pitot tubes and intakes with that remove before flight tag thing. There was a 736 that had covered its windows too with this aluminium foil thing, but I think it might just be in storage.

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