Why do planes have bumpy turbulence?

Planes have bumpy turmbulances for several reasons but why

depending on wind or what is going on outside the plane

It’s caused by weather there’s several reason why turbulence can happen

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Moving air. Jet streams, or just warm air rising. I guess

Warm air and cold air

Great picture



Some bumpy flights I’ve had over mountains- makes sense

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Found this with a quick google search.


Mountain Turbulence is so real lol

they get bumpy turmbulace from towers right

Especially in Europe - the worst I had felt like we lost a couple of hundred feet in altitude.

I think it was like a 30 second drop, like a rollercoaster haha

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Don’t forget CAT turbulence

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does it madder on temperture?

Thermals suckkkkkkk when flying in a 172