Why do pilots start the second engine first?

I always seem to see pilots start the 2 engine first. Why do they do this


I believe it’s because the second engine powers all the electrical systems and the APU, but I’m not too sure.

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The apu starts the second egeine


Ah, then maybe it has to do with the way the gas pipes are aligned or possibly the hydraulic system?? You will have to have a real pilot answer this. πŸ˜‚πŸ€”

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Because they count backwards, jk:-)


Do it to comply with manuals and allows for aircraft performance in regards to bleed air/packs and also allowing for ground safety if bags are still being loaded and such from my knowledge.


Thank you for your answer. But what about airbus?

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Not quite sure, but from my guess it would be for the same reason.

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Engine #2 powers the hydraulics which allows you to steer and taxi on one engine (where applicable). Otherwise you would have to start #1 and then start the hydraulic pumps just to taxi.

Thanks to IFATC Jared for the useful information!


Google it next time. ;)