Why do People Think That These Airplanes are so Ugly?

I’ve seen multiple posts here and elsewhere on the internet claiming that some of these planes are ugly abominations, but I happen to like the aesthetics of them. Why do people criticize these aircraft so much?

  1. Shorts Skyvan

    This one is a small, short-range cargo/passenger aircraft. (for those of you who don’t know) I like its angular, robust appearance, but I guess that opinion isn’t universal.
  2. Airbus A320 (and derivatives)

    Although I’m 100% a Boeing fanboy, I don’t find this family of planes to be obscenely ugly, and I begrudgingly admit that they are fully capable competitors to the 737. However, the rounded nose and sharklets aren’t easy on some people’s eyes, as many posts here and elsewhere say.
  3. Boeing 737 NG

    (Shown here with optional “split scimitar” winglets) I really like the bulky and somewhat angular aesthetics of the 737 series. Also, aircraft with split scimitars look especially sharp with the aerodynamic modifications.
  4. Boeing 737 MAX

    Not much has changed appearance-wise from the NG series, but the AT style winglets are enough for some to say that this is an ugly aircraft.
  5. Antonov AN-72/AN-74

    This is a utility jet developed by Russian aerospace company Antonov. The first thing I noticed about it was the peculiar engine mounts above the wings. Some people, however, aren’t exactly fans of this structure.

What do you think? Do you also believe that these planes get too much hate? Or do you believe that these planes are on the lower end of the spectrum for looks?


Some people just have diffrent opinions on which aircraft they think looks the best.


I will say that it generally has a lot to do with Boeing/airbus fanboying, just people hating cause they think this manufacturers is better, etc. As for the top one, too boxy, wings don’t add much appeal, too tall for its minimal width, nose is very rounded, doesn’t curve much at the front
Second one, the wings and the engine placement, and how the tail slightly angles up in the back, make it displeasing

The Short Skyvan just is, it’s kinda like a helicopter it’s so ugly it repels the earth to fly

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Speaking of “helicopter” and ugly planes, I present to thee the “Edgely EA-7 Optica”.

Part plane part helicopter. Note the shape of and visibility available of the cockpit Its sure weird but unique and one of a kind.

Credits: Karsten Palt


Thou art the most interesting plane I’ve seen


Skyvan: I can see why they call this a van. It’s so boxy and blunt and weirdly built. Not sleek like aircraft should be.

A320: I can see how the round nose would turn some people away but it’s probably just Boeing fanboys

B737: I can see how the -600 and -700 might be too short for some people’s liking but it’s also a lot of Airbus fanbiys

B737 Max: Airbus fanboys, I’m not even 100% Boeing. It’s sleek and the engines and winglets make it look modern and sharp

Antonovs: They look like literal birds instead of planes, just not a conventional design. Also not sleek and ancient looking.

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You said exactly what I was thinking, I couldn’t have said it better myself. However I can tolerate the A318 at a minimum because of how short it is.

As for the 737 MAX, I love all 737 variants especially NG, the winglets aren’t appalling to me but I’ll get over it.

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The CRJ-200 may come to mind when you think of a regional jet, but it’s the experience on the inside that is ugly. It’s just a bit too tight for comfort. Even on short flights. The bathroom you probably can’t stand up in.

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Where is the A380 on this list? It’s uglier and more unsightly than all of those aircraft, with the exception of the Skyvan.


Overrated whale.

One of the more commonly “laughed at” in the Navy, but in some ways was more fun (certainly more memorable) than the Growler that replaced it.

The EA6B Prowler:
aka “Double Ugly”
aka “Bubble Guppy” (inside joke)
aka “Golgi Apparatus” (another, ahem… inside joke)
aka “Qu***” (one of the most used names)
aka “Q-bird”
aka “QDV” (another inside joke; Think SEAL SDV but with… nevermind)
aka “Tadpole 2”
aka “Family Truckster”
aka “Turbojet Tahoe”
aka “ClownCar”
annnnnd the list goes on as you might imagine. 😂


LMAOOO!!! Omygosh you’re so mean!

Love the look of that Skyvan! Seems like something I could easily model using papercard…leftovers.

Boeing 737s and A320s aren’t ugly who evens thinks that I mean seriously I have mixed feelings and now someone says that 737s and a320s are ugly how dare they

Thanks for listening to my rant

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i dont know why no one likes the look of the c-212. I like it a lot

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The Optica was built at a factory just up the road from where I grew up as a child. The local Police Force (Whiltshire Police) used one as a spotter Aircraft. Whilst it couldn’t hover like a helicopter it could fly very slowly and was a lot quieter than a chopper!

Not seen one in the air for years, however one I see now is a “gate guardian” at a road service station near Stone Henge on Salisbury Plain (close to the factory where it was built!).


I only don’t like #1 and #5. The other planes are true beauties.

I agree, the A380 is overrated and quite ugly, which is why it didn’t make this list. I think that the planes on the list aren’t all that ugly and that they get too much hate, but to each their own.

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Do a Google search for the ATL-98 Carvair. Now that’s ugly :)


Wow. Had never seen the Carvair… Looks almost like if a 747 and a DC-3 had a baby!

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