Why do people play Infinite Flight?

I was at work recently and someone asked me. . . “I don’t understand why people play flight simulators. Why do you?”

It was something I had never thought of. . . Why do we play flight simulators like Infinite Flight? So I thought and I think the reason I play IF is because I want to be a pilot and Love aviation. But that made me wonder even more. Why does everyone else play IF? Let me know your reason.

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I’m sure most people play IF for their passion for aviation and the quality of the app :)


We play it for the realistic physics, different aircraft, live ATC, flying with others from around the world, and more importantly this community which brings us all together. The little details on the planes really makes it different.

Its not a game that gives instant reward like candy crush or other games you can complete in a few minutes. It’s all about trying to make your next flight better than the last.


Obviously because Infinite Flight is amazing, duh.


I play IF to get a sneak peak to what it’s like to fly a 500t metal bird through the skies.
I also love to control air traffic with different strategies trying to give everyone a great, realistic experience.

IF offers a great opportunity there due to it’s great community, multiplayer and ATC experience and it’s amazing complexity on a mobile platforms :)


I play to escape and to learn new things. like Chris said:


before someone asked me that I hadn’t really thought about it. I just knew i loved simulators

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I play if for the challenge and to learn about aviation.


I play it because of its simplicity and multiplayer and because I don’t have a PC to get X-Plane 11 (yet Christmas approaches!)

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This is the closest thing I can get to flying when life doesn’t let me go flying for real. And I get to interact with a fantastic community while doing it all.


I play it becoause its fun and it lets you Explor the world in ways you wouldnt be able to in real life.
And it is My hobby


I love aviation and the high quality of the IF flight sim keeps bringing me back. The flight physics, ATC, our awesome community, revolutionary developers,… the list goes on an on. I can sharpen my piloting skill set IRL and be with others who love flight.


I enjoy simulators, so I tried out flight sims. I’m still learning stuff about flying to this day.

I️ have never really put much thought into it. I️ suppose it’s because I’m a person that loves procedures, and organization. Aviation is full of both. I also enjoy learning new things about these giant metal tubes that propel us through the sky such as how they work, how they’re controlled, and what makes them that way. Or it might be the fact that i paid $10 for it 😂


I play because this is the closest I will get to flying, given my color vision deficiency hold me back from a license or a professional job in aviation.


I play because well it is an escape from the every day hustle and bustle of life, stress from school, and to experience flying when I want. To explore the alps when I want not when I can afford it, to go see the Bahamas when I can’t go see them.


I play IF because it’s fun and because I have friends (@Daniel14, @Joseph_Krol and @ZZBossGaming to name a few.)


Is also the same reason on why I like flight simulator’s especially as it might teach me something new! 😀

Because I love planes, airports, and traveling! Everyone has stuff they like, so of course some people might not find it interesting some people might like it.


Entertainment. Can’t really explain why it entertains me, but it just does. I know it gets weird when someone who is a total stranger to Flight sims asks though.