Why do people have strobe lights on on the taxiway?

Recently I have seen much more people having a strobe lights on the taxiway when they shouldn’t have them on! People should only have them on when they are on a active runway or in the air! I think we need to make this roule more aware to others to make sure they do not have the strobe lights on a taxiway.


If this is training sever, be advised that this does happen…even on the expert! We know how you feel.

Check out my topic about this!



Heres the link☝️☝️

People should only be using stone lights on the runway when you have been cleared for takeoff. Then turn them off after 10000 feet.

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Keep them on…even after FL100, it’s the landing lights that go off at FL100. Please check my topic/thread about thks


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Highly agreed! Hope it comes out soon .

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I do it cause It’s just a habit for me I always turn my strobes on when I personally fly

If its an commercial aircraft it’s highly unprofessional, if it’s a Cessna or paper I highly understand

We’ve seen many discussions regarding the use and misuse of lighting.

What you will see more often is the Staff and Moderation Team flying on the Training Server. Our goal is to help foster a better environment through leading by example. this will include proper communication with ATC / Unicom, proper taxi speeds and procedures as well as takeoff and landing procedures.


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