Why do people go ridiculously fast?

like I see B737s and a320s doing M.86, on long hauls right now there’s some dude behind me in a 787 doing M. 89 and we about to arrive at LEMD at the same time bc of it. ive seen M .91 too. Like Im doing M. 86 in an a350, which is just about as fast as they regularly go. bruh, i thought expert server is where ppl try to be realistic. slow down!!!

at FL280 the autopilot airspeed reading transitions from kts to mach
here’s a frame of reference for yall:
290 IAS → M (.77-.78)
300 IAS → M .80
310 IAS: → M (.82-.83)
320 IAS → M .85


Tbh I always push the plane I love going fast so yeah, usually when I fly a 747 I push it to .90 so yeah


The passengers are kids asking “are we there yet?” every 5 seconds.

But actually, there are over speed violations if they get too out of hand. They can also do as they wish as long as they don’t interfere with others. It’s not particularly realistic, but it’s their choice as long as they don’t interfere. And, in controlled airspace, those pilots would be told to slow down.


It’s just ppl wanting to get to destination faster. especially when on long hauls. going at M.89 instead of .85 or .86 can make a huge difference when flying a long distance.

But yes, it is unrealistic and you should always fly at correct speeds (and altitudes)


I very rarely fly faster than the optimal cruise speed of an airplane, only if I am really pressed for time, If I have time, I always go for realism (m.78 in a 737, m.84 in a 787, etc.)

I see people flying fast all the time, I think the record is m.92 cruise in an MD-11 (they were afk, so not overspeed) But this is just what you see sometimes, kinda similar to pilots not knowing IFR cruise altitudes… not much can be done unfortunately 🤷‍♂️


taking the sarcasm pill

Wow dude, are you seriously flying an A350 at mach 0.86?? Are you ignorant of the damage it causes to the airframe when the air flow gets supersonic near the wing?? This is not realistic and you should stick to the advised mach 0.85 given by Airbus or your place is NOT in the Expert Server™️

See how arrogant it sounds trying to correct other’s behaviour because to your standards it’s not appropriate? If you start to go down that path you will slowly get bitter like many people have been getting. At first it really annoyed me too but as time goes you have a better time ignoring it and let them be the pilots they want.

If you want Realism™️ make a group of pilots flying in a region and have fun doing fly-in or fly-out at the accurate schedule or what not. You can’t change people’s way of flying so don’t fatigue yourself trying.


Eh at least there’s no B747s in sight going Mach 1. That is somehow legal in IF


this is what i do

Just do the cost index

The usual speed is around M0.78 for most aircrafts because it’s much more fuel efficient


Why just why? You cruise at real irl Speed not .90 🤦‍♂️


@Q-ENAN , well, A350s can reach M .89, however, I thought there was a speed cap(in form of overspeed violations) introduced to prevent aircraft from exceeding their designed MMO.

Some people may want to go to their destination faster (or maybe even slower) than the usual. For example, on overnight long hauls, I usually slow down just to be on the safe side, but I usually go a bit faster when needed. It really depends on the ETE Dest for me.

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Actually chances are the A350 can tickle mach 1, there’s just so many inconvenients from going that fast.

I was being sarcastic, I don’t personally know the A350s limitations and so do many here

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Large long haul aircraft are made to go fast…

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problem is, like i described, they do interfere since I usually have to go around bc they about to crash into me, even when there’s no other traffic!

(1) how am i being arrogant when more times than not it ends up interfering with my flight?
(2) this is not “standards” this is “Expert” server so I expect people to learn some things about the real world
(3) if you dont have time for the full 10 hours it takes to get from point A to point B, then dont go! I dont fly when I know I cant monitor


This is the same expert server where lots of pilots don’t listen to ATC, so unfortunately there isn’t the perfect realism like in the real world 🤷‍♂️. I would suggest just ignoring them.

Well, I think the real answer is that some people want to get to there destination as fast as they can. This way they can move on to the next flight. It may not be realistic, but it’s what a lot of people do. 🤷🏼‍♂️


I see no problem with it even when going ridiculously fast The top legal speed for an A380 it still took me 15 hours to get from Sydney to Dallas

I agree, I see absolutely no problem with going fast. Don’t let it get to you. You do you and let them do them. As far as it not being realistic… not true.